Hall of Fame

We would not have been able to make it this far without the help of all our team members, especially those who have graduated.

We wish them the best in all their future endeavors.

Samantha Tran

"Being involved in CyberPatriot was not only fun, but it provided me with many new and unique opportunities that have shown me greater possibilities of what life has to offer." 2014-2016

April Xie

"CyberPatriot didn't just teach me the importance of cyber-security; it provided me the skills to prepare for a future in technology and opened new paths for me in terms of college and job opportunities." 2014-2017

Kedwin Chen

"CyberPatriot has opened many doors for me in my intended fields of study. The CyberPatriot chapter of my life is one of trials and tribulations, of successes and failures, curiosity and boredom, learning and forgetting, but ultimately one that I will definitely remember and be thankful that I experienced." 2015-2017

Alex Guo

“CyberPatriot is not just building up my knowledge of cybersecurity and computer science, but also growing my skills in collaboration, determination, and stress management. All of these are becoming valuable treasures that I will pursue on my journey towards my goals.” 2015-2018

Emily Park

"CyberPatriot has taught me not only about the importance of cybersecurity, but also important teamwork, leadership, and communication skills that have and will undoubtedly help me with my future goals and experiences." 2015-2018

Hannah Zheng

"The technical and life skills I've learned in CyberPatriot are invaluable and incomparable to any other extracurricular." 2016-2018

Lily Hu

"You meet some of the most enthusiastic thinkers, and you learn to look up to each other’s strengths. CyberPatriot was a fierce competition but with fruitful rewards: applicable knowledge, immeasurable opportunities, and memorable connections. As it has done for many others, the experience has shaped me into a stronger leader and has contributed towards my passion towards a cyber focused career.” 2016-2019

Akul Arora

"CyberAegis has been an invaluable part of my high school experience that has created many friendships and lifelong memories. I am eternally grateful to Coach Paul and to all of the team members of CyberAegis that made this experience so wonderful for me."2015-2019

Eric Chen

"CyberPatriot teaches us important skills in the field of cybersecurity and beyond, as well as essential leadership and team collaboration skills, all of which are not only beneficial to our future careers but also crucial to our personal development and growth while educating us about the importance of cybersecurity and the magnitude of threats that exist. Most importantly, we have a great experience and form friendships while participating in CyberPatriot and learning these skills." 2015-2020

Max Novak

"By working with Coach Paul and competing with the CyberAegis team I have developed a bedrock of computer science principles and academic skills I persistently utilize on a daily basis and foresee them propelling me through my entire career." 2015-2020

Phoenix Dimagiba

"CyberPatriot was an important part of my life for five years. It wasn't always easy, but the friendships, leadership experience, and cybersecurity know-how I've developed have made it worthwhile. It's been my honor and privilege to meet, train with, and compete alongside some of the nation's finest young minds."2015-2020

Lucy Gao

"CyberPatriot is a great introduction to what cybersecurity looks like in the real world. It helps students learn leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills that are beyond valuable for their future. Not only that, I've made numerous forever friends that I'm so glad to have competed with." 2015-2020

Pranav Patil

CyberPatriot has put me on the path to a career in cybersecurity, teaching me technical skills and helping me become more confident in myself as a leader. It's an exciting community of some of the smartest people I know and some of my best friends. 2015-2020